About us

“Zhivana Organics LLC” has been successfully manufacturing and exporting wildcrafted berries, fruit and medicinal herbs since 2019. Our products include both conventional and organic positions.

We appreciate the gifts of nature and practice sustainable operation principles in order to preserve the natural resources and ability for the nature to restore itself. As a way to give back, every spring our team plants uncommon plants and trees to contribute to biodiversity of the Ukrainian forests.


Our raw material berries and herbs grow in their natural habitat in the ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. They are harvested in the woods, on the hills, along the banks of Dnister and Pivdenny Bug rivers, away from the villages, farms and industrial facilities. Workers carefully hand pick berries and herbs at the perfect ripening time for each product.

The raw material fruit and berries are taken to our facility where they get cleaned with water and dehydrated in a temperature-controlled convection heat rooms. After that the berries are cleaned 3-5 times from stems and twigs, leaves, stones, imperfect pieces, unripen berries. 

Fresh medicinal herbs are taken to our facility and cleaned by hand. We dry the herbs in the convection heat rooms and let them cool for 24 hours. After that we separate leaves, flowers and process them as necessary.

Each batch of products goes through lab tests to determine its correspondence to the national standards for the specific products. The Certificate of Analysis incudes data on physical and chemical parameters, organoleptic parameters, pesticide residues, toxic element content, radioactivity, microbiological parameters, food safety data. Organic products get tested in Germany. The test report includes data on 699 pesticides.


We are happy to produce syrups, liquid extracts and dry extract powders out of any berry, fruit or herbs. The most popular positions are elderberry syrup and liquid elderberry extract with raspberry and blueberry.


We care about our Clients convenience and are happy to help with the following:

  • Arranging sea/air/truck shipment worldwide
  • Customs clearance in Ukraine
  • Free storage services of your product until you are ready to ship
  • Importing goods to the US
  • Different packaging options
  • Private label services
  • Production of your packaging locally


If you would like to ask a question or discuss your order, please feel free to contact us any time.


Olga Tsurkan

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