Rowan Berries Dried


Rowan berries (sorbus) are known for its Anticancer Potential. They help to boost immunity, have antibacterial effect, aid in digestion, improve respiratory function.

The fruit is used to make jam, jelly, substitute coffee beans, flavor liquors, ale, produce wine.

Our rowan berries grow in the wild in the ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. They are harvested in the woods, on the hills, along the banks of Dnister and Pivdenny Bug rivers, away from the villages, farms and industrial facilities.

Workers carefully hand pick berries as they ripen. The raw material product is taken to our facility where it gets cleaned with water and dried in a temperature-controlled heating room. After that the fruit are cleaned from stems and twigs, leaves, stones, imperfect pieces, unripe berries.

Each batch goes through lab tests to determine its correspondence to the national standards. Organic products get tested in Germany. The test report includes data on 699 pesticides.