A poultice is a mixture of herbs that you put on your skin to help with pain, injuries, or infections. For example, if you have a sprain, you can use a poultice made of self-heal herbs to relieve the pain. If you have a boil or an infected wound, you can use slippery elm powder mixed with calendula tincture or myrrh tincture to help draw out the pus.

To make a poultice, you need to simmer the herbs for a few minutes, then apply them to the affected area while they are still hot. You should bandage the herbs in place with gauze or cotton strips and leave the poultice on for up to three hours. After that, you can apply a new poultice every two to three hours, as needed.

The amount of herbs you use will depend on the size of the affected area. Poultices are a natural and effective way to help your body heal itself without the use of synthetic chemicals.

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