At Zhivana Organics, we believe that everything that we need to live a healthy life can be found in the nature around us.

We passionately offer organic medicinal herbs to those who are looking to reduce exposure to pharmaceutical drugs and believe in the body's ability to heal itself with the help of natural remedies.

 As harvesters of organic herbs, we're fascinated by their medicinal power and potential to address different health conditions. Our products help Moms to take a more active role in healthcare of the whole family from elders to babies and even pets. We share the joy of this empowering process. We are excited to see the Renaissance of the herbal medicine in the western world.

By choosing organic medicinal herbs, you're not just taking a step away from pharmaceuticals - you're stepping into a world of natural healing beauty. It's a journey of discovery that connects you with your ancestors and the planet.

    Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality organic herbs that are sourced from the most pristine natural environments. Our medicinal herbs are grown in Eastern Europe, in forests and grasslands of the Dnipro and Dniester rivers. We take great care to ensure that our products are harvested sustainably and ethically, using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations.

Our medicinal herbs meet or exceed international quality standards. Our products are certified organic by PI Ekoagros, Lithuania, ensuring that they're pure, safe, and free from harmful chemicals.

The workers hand pick herbs at the peak of their medicinal potential to ensure maximum potency. All plants are carefully hand-selected, dried, and packaged in small batches to preserve their freshness and purity.

As you use medicinal herbs over time, you'll discover that taking care of your health and well-being no longer requires endless trips to the pharmacy. Instead, it becomes an exciting journey and a creative process, drawing on the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors.

      Zhivana Organics is a small family-run business with a facility located in Ukraine. We consider ourselves fortunate to do what we are passionate about - promoting the use of organic herbs as a natural and effective means of supporting a healthy lifestyle. 

  We are incredibly thankful to our customers for choosing our products. It not only helps our small company to stay afloat and support the families of our workers, but also assists in supporting Ukraine during these challenging times of the Russian invasion.